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Mother or the Saika Army

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somewhere my love is infinite

Hey, do you need an Okaasan? Somebody to love you. love you for ever. Okaasan will never leave you even if you leave Okaasan. But you will never leave. Because our love will never fade

Constant little whispers has plauged the young lady’s mind but in time they have faded into the background just like she has. A petite raven haired girl would walk around the city streets, nobody would pay any mind. Like she wasn’t even there. She’s faded away.

But the crimson droplets that would roll down her cheeks shine in the moonlight of a clear night. Then people would notice her. Notice the scarlet eyes and placid expression. Notice the weapon in her hand but by that time it’s to late. You never noticed her before. But now you notice the voices.

Anri swung her legs lazily, sitting on a bench near an apartment complex. It was nearing dusk and the sun fell quickly. Not many people were out. Just a few people walking dogs or runniong some last minute errands. Nothing special. Nothing that needed her attention.

The sky became that deep purple, and small shining specks lit the area well. That was about the time the girl stood from her seat and eyes filled with the errie blood color. It would have been a deep hazy red but a sudden noise from the background caused a slight fright, turing the orbs violent.

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    He rubbed her knuckles a little. “There’s nothing wrong with modesty.” Yazoo did not know what exactly made her this...
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    Why was he telling her his name? Even more confusion flooded the young lady’s mind. She took a step back. “I-I’m Anri”...