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Mother or the Saika Army

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⊰ ♡♡♡ ⊱⊱—;; "A monster

                                                               isn’t a monster just because you cannot defeat them.

It shows off arrogance, that anything you cannot take down is inhuman and unnatural.

There are monsters who can be cut down easily, and then there are people who possess unimaginable strength.

                                                    There seems to be a confusion of the two”

I’ll never call you papa ;; aka-oi-chan


Akabayashi had to laugh. It was good that Anri was feeling better. He had to admit, he was glad for it. Really, he couldn’t think of what he’d do if he wasn’t able to help.

Well… He’d keep trying, obviously. But if he couldn’t, then there wasn’t much he could have done.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

"It’s alright, Anri. I wasn’t insinuating that you loved this friend or anything. At least, not on the romantic level. I was jut going on the you don’t know what level of friendship you’re at. And that’s actually perfectly fine. After all, sometimes it does take a bit for emotions to show themselves true."

He was pretty sure he already said something similar… But oh well.


               ⊰ ♡♡♡ ⊱⊱—;; "O-Of course not! I-I-I- L-love, i couldn’t possibly- not like that!" Anri nearly stood up from her seat to protest the insinuation however thankfully due to the practiced act of withdrawing and suppressing such urges.

                 ♡So fumbling with her utensils they dropped to the ground with a metallic clatter and a darker blush bloomed across her usual glacial expression.

                 ♡A deep heat pumped through her veins and chemicals to her head caused everything to become oh so embarrassing. Hiding behind quivering hands the wilting flower sunk down into her seat with a wary expression gracing her features

                 ♡"I don’t- I don’t know my true self. I don’t think I ever have…" Anri whispered hesitantly barely audible to the male across the table attempting to change the subject, most likely without prevail.

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